The History of Easter Bonnets

It’s Easter morning and all you can think about is Easter eggs, baskets full of candy and you new Easter bonnet. This is how many of us remember our childhood and what we still look forward to every Easter. I remember by first Easter bonnet, it was a pink bonnet completly covered in little white daisies. I was so excited to wear it. But this fond memory makes me wonder, where did Easter bonnets originate?

The history of the Easter bonnet goes back farther than many of us realize. Easter Bonnets even go farther back in time than Easter itself. The first bonnets, usually a circle of leaves and flowers, symbolized the cycle of the seasons and the coming of Spring. The Christian holiday of Easter celebrates new life and rebirth with pure and new clothing. Later on in history came the “Sunday of Joy,” the Easter after the end of the Civil War. This day allowed mothers and daughters to come out of mourning dawning pastel colors and incorporating the spring flowers. The 1870’s marked the beginning of the Easter Parade in New York. The Easter Parade allowed women to proudly show off their new spring clothing and Easter Bonnets.

The Easter fashion traditions are still alive today, celebrated among the young and old. Easter bonnets come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Easter bonnets often mark the beginning of many people’s love of hats. Their beauty is well known and admired. They still symbolize new life in the coming of spring, warm weather and religious celebrations.

This Easter, sport your very own Easter bonnet. Whether hand made or store bought, old or new, small or large, wear it proudly with your head held high. Celebrate the coming of a new season with a lovely Easter Bonnet.

By Anne Kreke

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  • Very interesting to learn the origin of the Easter bonnet! I enjoyed learning here about the Sunday of Joy and think that was a very positive way for people to rise above the tragedies of the Civil War.

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