Fashion forecasting is a world unto itself. However this fall it is very simple. In clothing and hats, it seems to be the year of the neutral. Camel seems to be especially key this year. Not as dramatic as black and definitely more wearable for most people.

Being a fan of colors and bright ones (I painted my bedroom once Betsy Johnson Hot Pink), I’ve had a hard time falling for neutrals because I thought they were boring. What I’ve learned over time is that they:

A. Neutrals don’t have to be boring. You can use color as an accent. A camel hat work with most any color.
B. Neutrals give more bang for the buck. You can simply get more wear from a neutral garment than bright colors.

You would think that I would have learned about neutrals before now. Each year, magazines would contact me and ask for my Camille and Greta’s Holiday for photo shoots. To get the most use out of a neutral hat, try adorning it with different pins to fit your mood and the occasion.

Another neutral is (believe it or not) a leopard print. It has many colors in it that go with everything such as camel, tan, dark brown and black.