I don’t know about you but Easter has always been my favorite time.  It’s all about family, rebirth and renewal.  The world is waking up after a cold winter (at least where I lived in Central Kentucky).  I loved dyeing Easter eggs, decorating and making Bunny cakes.  However, I never partook of an Easter Tea Party!  We were too busy shopping for our Easter outfits, dyeing eggs and playing outside.  



I was interviewed by Christine Chagaris for Motherly about tea parties for little ones.  I must admit while I have many tea parties for adults, this was my first time planning a tea party for children.  The ideas came fast and furious because there are so many options.  I know many children who love to help cook and create.  As a child, I loved to bake and still do.  To read Christine’s article, visit the link below.  https://www.mother.ly/nourish/easter-tea-party-menu 

There are endless themes one can use. Teas can be outdoor (weather permitting) or indoor.  I love the use of herbal teas for kids since they are often fruity, don’t have caffeine and are bright/colorful.  Celestial Seasonings teas such Red Zinger, Raspberry Zinger, and Herbal Peach are good choices and can be purchased at most grocery stores.  


I love the use of Peter Rabbit decor in this photo.  So much can be easily ordered online.  The important thing is to have fun, create memories and take lots of photos.  Read the article for more information https://www.mother.ly/nourish/easter-tea-party-menu

I was recently certified as an Afternoon Tea Expert by the Southern California School of Etiquette.   This will be an exciting addition to the programs that I already offer.  Since November, I have done an online event called “Tea With Polly”.