Polly Singer Hats always end up at The Breeder’s Cup.  Last year, I designed many fascinators for Breeder’s Cup. I am working on one for this year that is so much fun.  I can’t wait for Christy to see it and wear it to the Breeder’s Cup!

Every year at the Breeder’s Cup, there is a hat contest.  Last year, I had two entries in the contest. 

Elizabeth McNulty at the 2011 Breeder’s Cup




I did a custom fascinator  for actress Elizabeth McNulty.  She wanted to include horseshoes into the fascinator.  This was not an easy assignment, but the end result was fabulous.  Probably one of my favorite projects and Elizabeth was great fun to work with.  Being a former Miss Louisiana, the weight of the horseshoes felt similar to a crown, so she wore this winning headpiece with ease. 

The hard part was getting the horseshoes to stand up, since they have to be in that position in order for luck.  The horseshoes were welded together.  The feathers sprung up out of the center.  Elizabeth had wanted to use white and silver, which are two of my favorite colors to work with. 







The second fascinator was for my client and video model, Amanda.  She is tall and elegant, so can carry most anything off.  We did a black fascinator/saucer hat for her, accented with brown curled pheasant feathers.  Amanda, like me, loves to wear black.  She loves hats and I have done many for her.

Amanda at Breeder’s Cup