It was a pleasure to have 4 hats featured in the September/October issue of Victoria Magazine. I was contacted back in June to provide 4 hats for the fall layout. Little did I know that they would be featured so prominently in Victoria! It has been such a thrill for me since Victoria is one of my all time favorite magazines.

I have always been a huge fan of Victoria Magazine. Back in the late 80’s, I was an original subscriber. The magazine inspired me and perhaps, led in many ways to my becoming a hat designer. The photographs and hats were lovely, timeless and beautiful.

To view the individual hats, you may use the following links to see the hats on our website.


Fall Folly

Greta’s Holiday


The September/October issue of Victoria has some other wonderful articles of interest, one being the store “Tail of the Yak” in Berkeley, California. I urge you to pick up this issue as it is a visual treat. It makes one yearn for fall and all its abundant treats.

For more information on Victoria Magazine, please visit Victoria Magazine.

By: Polly Singer