Hats vs. Fascinators

Picking a hat vs. a fascinator

Fascinator Pros

1. They are smaller and some say easier to wear as they are worn on a headband or comb. Definitely easier to pack for an event.
2. If they get wet, generally fascinators don’t get ruined.
3. Generally less expensive to purchase.
4. Fun, flirty and a different alternative to hats.
5. No worry about the hat not fitting (too loose or too tight) as fascinators are mostly one size fits all.

Fascinator Cons

1. No sun protection.
2. Not as much privacy and personal space as a big brim allows.
3. Not as slimming as a wide brim hat.

Hat Pros
1. Obviously more sun protection.
2. The traditional style of millinery at events.
3. More drama generally, especially the bigger hats.
4. Since hats are wider, they can make us look thinner, thus balancing out the figure more.
5. A properly made hat can be retrimmed, thus giving you more options down the road.




Hat Cons
1. If a hat gets really wet, it’s ruined.
2. Generally more expensive than a fascinator since it takes longer to make and supplies are more expensive.
3. A bigger hat box needs more room in the closet.
4. Fit is key. A hat can be off by a 1/4 or 1/2 inch and be too small.

Even though I love fascinators, I think I look better in hats but that’s just my opinion. Perhaps I like being covered up and being a bit hidden from view. The most important thing is feeling confident. I have seen women go nuts over fascinators because they are just fun to wear, which is the most important thing. Many clients for the Oaks and Derby wore a fascinator one day and a huge hat the next. Mix it up and have fun.