For Greatest Ease in Choosing A Hat, Pick a Solid Dress

Adrianna Papell

Many of my clients have been long-time Derby attendees. Over the years, they have tried different tricks. The latest seems to be picking a solid dress and then making the hat the focal piece. When you do that, it’s easy to work all sorts of colors into the hat. I’ve chosen some dresses that would work with most of our hats.

Calvin Klein at Nordstrom's

A number are picking a solid navy, black or cream dress. Prints are great fun and I love them. However it can be difficult to incorporate 3-4 colors from a printed dress into a hat. It can be done and I do it all the time. The only problem is that things get incredibly busy between now and May 1st, making sourcing different colors harder.

Eliza J Ruffle Neck from Nordstrom
If you are wearing a solid dress, the hat can incorporate all sorts of cool colors and features. With a solid dress, the hat becomes the focal point.

Taylor Dresses Ruffle Jacquard Sheath from Nordstrom
Lots of prints that I see this year have green and purple in them. Overall I am seeing more people wanting color (and bright ones) in their hat choices and outfits. I think everyone has been through a long winter and being visual people, we want bright colors and lots of it.

All of the dresses pictured above are available from For those of you who like to shop at all hours and/or don’t like dealing with shopping in person, this is a good site to choose from.