How to Choose a Hat for Your Face Shape

Intern Shelby Parrott here! Shopping can feel intimidating, especially when shopping online.”Will this look good on me? Will it flatter me and my face shape? What even IS my face shape?” Well, no worries! We got you, girl! While, obviously, you can wear whatever hat style you want, sometimes when you’re shopping online for a hat for the first time, it can be nice to have some directions before you go off driving on your own. So, here are ways to determine your face shape and what hats will suit you the best before you hit the “add to my cart” button on a Polly Singer Couture Hat! 😉 

The best way to figure out your face shape it to either take a photo of your face or look in the mirror and with your finger outline the shape of your face. To get the full look it is best to tie your hair back to get your full face in view. You could also whip out the measuring tape if you feel like it, but it is best to just examine your face and facial features. Determining your forehead, cheeks, jaw, and face lengths are the keys to figuring out facial shape. 

And what better way to learn about what hats to wear than from the best hat wearers out there? The Royals!

Kate Middleton | POPSUGAR Celebrity   Billie Light Tan Fedora With Bridal Bits
Kate Middleton: Oval Face Shape
Lucky you, oval face shapes work with pretty much anything! It is best to not go with anything too round or narrow to the face because sometimes that can make the face look smaller and rounder. Our best suggestion would be a fedora. It’s the perfect in between like the oval face shape! It’s not too wide or too close to the face, not to mention a classic that you can wear season after season. Some things just never go out of style!   Virginia black cloche
Meghan Markle: Heart Face Shape
The heart face shape usually consists of a wider forehead and a pointy chin making the perfect heart-like shape! Heart shape faces also go with many different styles but it is best to stay away from wider brims and floppier hats as they can make the forehead look larger and not flatter the face shape as much. The best would be a hat that is closer to the face or a medium to smaller brim to perfect fit your face. 
Our suggestion would be the Virginia Black Cloche Hat.  Perfect for this face shape plus not to mention a lovely vintage inspired look. 
Princess Beatrice celebrates 27th birthday: 10 facts | HELLO!




Sally Honey Brown Profile Wool Hat

Princess Beatrice: Round Face Shape

With round face shapes, it is best to stick with hats that are not close to the face. If the hat sits too close to the forehead or the rest of your face it can just emphasis the roundness. It is best to go with a wider brim and, even better, something that is upturned from the face to give your face height. Or wear your hat slanted back for the same look.

Are suggestion would be the Sally Tan Upturned Hat. It’s wide and upturned brim is perfect for rounder face shapes! Plus it’s a great Fall essential for your wardrobe! 


Diana, Princess of Wales - Wikipedia   Isabelle Huge Panama Ladies Sun Hat
Princess Diana: Square Face Shape
Square face shapes usually consist of a strong jawline, great high cheekbones and a longer face. With square face shapes, go with a wide floppy style hat. This way it softens the look and contrast greatly with the square jaw line. 
We suggest our Isabelle Oversized Sun Hat. Perfect with its wide and floppy brim. Plus not to mention making a fun fashion statement! 

Don’t forget though, wear whatever makes YOU feel good! These are just some guidelines you can follow if you’re feeling unsure. But, of course, how you feel is the most important. 

Happy Shopping! 

Choosing a Hat Shape

“My only hesitation in purchasing a hat long distance from you is that I have no idea
what basic style would look good on me. This is a bit of a leap of faith. “
A Canadian Customer

She’s so right, choosing a hat without trying it on is a bit of a leap of faith, however, over the years we’ve learned some key questions to ask that make the leap less scary and a successful landing more certain.

The first and most crucial step in designing a hat is choosing the basic shape, for the base of a hat is it’s armature and the most memorable element of the finished piece. Polly Singer Couture Hats and Veils bases its blocked hats (those in straw and felt) on 4 or 5 shapes. How we choose the shape is what I’d like to address here.

As in most things, the answer may be found in the questions. There are 3 main things to consider in choosing the type of hat to recommend; What is the client’s physical type? What will she be wearing? How does she see herself?

The Physical Factors
First, I like to know the shape of a clients face, her height and general body type. With this information a few rules of thumb can be applied:

A Round Face generally looks best in hats with a high crown, for example, a shape we call “The Royal” because of it’s similar to the styles favored by Queen Elizabeth II, adds height and lengthens the face.

A Long Face is just the opposite, a shallow crown and wide brim which draws the eye outward balances a long or narrow face.

A Square or Sharp Face is best served by curved lines and assymetry. The style I would recommend for this type face is the one we call Elegant, it’s wide brimmed and has fluid lines that soften a square jaw or sharp chin.

Oval and Heart Shaped Faces are in luck. Almost any style is becoming as long as it works with the height and body type. Generally speaking, large hats should be avoided by very petite women, likewise tall woman who can carry off a much larger, more elaborate hat, say, Anastasia; whereas she might not look as well in a narrow brimmed hat or small fascinator. As a rule the brim of the hat should be no wider than the wearer’s shoulders.

The Ensemble

One of the fascinating aspects of fashion is that, at one time or another, anything goes. The old rules of hats matching bags, matching shoes, matching, tooth fillings, have gone the way the way of a bustle. There are, however, a few guidelines that we use to narrow down the shape choices. I list them here simply as tips because, for every rule I tic off, I recall a brilliant exception.

Flowing Dresses and Sun Dresses look great when accessorized by romantic hats like the one we call Elegant having wide and curved brims. Bare shoulders are particularly appealing when shaded by a deep brimmed hat. I like the deep, slightly down turned brim of the Holly style with strapless and halter dresses.

Tailored Dresses and Suits work best with a more tailored hat design. The Royal, Eliza and Holly designs may carry heaps of flowers and feathers yet, because of crisp geometric lines, are able to bridge the gap between lavish ornament and a more severe outfit. Those choosing a pants suit might be wise to avoid large hats or very ornate designs, selecting instead, a smaller neater head piece in keeping with the narrow silhouette of trousers. One of the Kates, inspired by Kate Middleton, works well with tailored clothes and wrap dresses. They are worn at an angle, can be cleverly trimmed and shine with above a simple outfit.

Baby Doll or Mini Length Dresses are adorable when topped off by fascinators or one of our small Ascot inspired Kate designs.

Finally, one consideration trumps the rest; that is,
Personal Preference
The final point, and I think the most important variable in what flatters a woman is this: What does she feel best wearing? It’s a hard question to frame. I can generally intuit by speaking to a client which styles fall within her comfort zone. Some people, regardless of their perfect oval face or statuesque build will not feel at home in a large hat. On the other hand, I’ve seen tiny ladies pull off hats which are positively vast — over the top in both size and ornament.

I’m reminded of Dorthea’s comment regarding jewelry in George Elliot’s Middlemarch,

“Souls have complexions too : what will suit one will not suit another.”

(bonus advice: If you haven’t already, read Middlemarch. It’s Jane Austen with backbone.)

We are happy to help our customers explore the various hat options, I for one, always learn something, plus; I get a kick out of taking that leap of faith with a stranger, aware that a few time honored guidelines will help stick the dismount.

By Jan Masters Yon

When in doubt, choose a monochromatic hat

Simply Elegant

I find trying to coordinate hats with clothing as the biggest problem for hat wearers. This goes for myself as well. We all want to simplify our outfits.

That’s why I tell clients, when in doubt, choose a monochromatic hat (all in the same color). You will get more fashion mileage from it and it will go with most outfits. Hats in all ivory, all black or all white are great because they go with most everything. This is an easy way to simply for summer.

By: Polly Singer