Derby Dressing – Prints vs. Solids

In choosing an outfit for the Kentucky Derby, the choices are absolutely overwhelming! You never know what the weather will be like. There has actually been snow on Derby Day, as well as 85 degree weather.

The biggest key in selecting an outfit is finding something that you fall in love with. That’s key. I like to suggest a solid, neutral outfit for a very floral hat. I do love prints though and a good milliner can always work out a design that flatters any outfit. Pictured below is a Nicole Miller dress that is nice neutral which lends itself to a very bold hat.

If you fall in love with a print, there are options. I like to pick up the colors in the print for the hat. Pictured below is dress from Lilly Pulitzer. It would work nicely with the hat pictured below it, Cate’s Fuschia Mist.

Cate's Fuschia Mist

If you still are unsure of what to wear, visit our Reviews page on our website to see what other clients wore to the Derby. There are no rights and no wrongs. Derby dressing is all across the spectrum, from the very casual infield to dressy Millionaires Row. Comfort is key as it is a very a long day. Stay tuned for more ideas on Derby dressing from Jan and myself.

By: Polly Singer