Breeder’s Cup Hats

With the Breeder’s Cup races right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to write a feature article on Breeders’ Cup Hats. In our last article, Churchill To Host Breeder’s Cup Again, we talked about the history of the Breeder’s Cup, some of our award winning hats, and even a bit about Kate Middleton. We also posted some photos of Fascinators and Saucers.

In today’s article, we’ve decided to feature Fascinators that would look fabulous at the elite Breeders’ Cup Race.

We’ll follow this up in a few weeks with an article that features hats from this years’s Breeders” Cup…but we don’t want to spoil the fun or steal the thunder from our customers that will be wearing them at the race. So you’ll have to come back to see those after the race.

In Gate #1, we have a Fascinator named Moulin Rouge. This elegant fascinator hat features flowers, veil and feathers.

Fascinator Moulin Rouge

In Gate #2 we have Lulu, a Fascinator with multiple design features and elegant simplicity.

Fascinator | LuLu

In Gate #3, Sarah prances forth in glorious color and beautiful Fascinator design elements.


In Gate #4, we have Tessa. She’s a Fascinator with feminine qualities hat intrigue and draw you in with soft flowers.

Fascinator | Tessa

In Gate #5 is Wisp of Dawn. Don’t be fooled by her name! This Fascinator has a focus of color that compliments a beautiful wispy nature.

Fascinator | Whisp of Dawn

In our final Gate #6, we feature Yeats. She’s a spectacular Fascinator, bringing elegance and whimsical fun together.

Fascinator | Yeats

We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed our parade of Breeder’s Cup Hats and we hope to see you at Churchill Downs, where the 28th running of the Breeder’s Cup will take place on November 4th and 5th. You’ll see our latest Fascinators and Saucers, and of course, we hope to see you there too.