Sash & Bow

Sash & Bow is a boutique in Lexington, Kentucky that sells women’s clothing and accessories. Recently, we did a little Q/A with the owner, Sasha Bowlby. We asked her what trends she sees for the Summer and Fall, and we paired some of her outfits from the Sash & Bow website with some Polly Singer hats.

  • What trends do you see right now for the Summer season?
Sasha’s Answer:
Tie Dye (Everything): Accessories, Clothing (Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, etc)
Midi Dresses: Longer lengths are trending now (This is great for customers needing great pieces for work and/or work events)
Bright Bold Patterns
Fringe: Tops & Coats
Oversized Earrings/Necklaces 
Off Shoulder Tops/Dresses
  Sarah Jane Oversize Tan Sun Hat
  • What colors are currently popular?
Sasha’s Answer:
Bright Bold Patterns (I’m seeing a lot of patterns being designed off of artwork from different artists which is a great way to make unique pieces)
Tie Dye of all variations
Camouflage of all variations (I’m a camo girl, so I’m loving this!) 
  Helen White Panama Fedora Ladies Hat
  • What ideas do you have for designs for the Fall?
Sasha’s Answer:
Comfortable Clothing/Tracksuits/Sweat suits/ Soft Materials – Thanks to Quarantine and the unknown of the virus for Fall I think a lot of brands will incorporate a more casual/comfortable look in their pieces.
  • Do you see people wearing more Summer or Fall inspired looks to the Derby this year since it is in September?
Sasha’s Answer:
Fingers crossed that this will happen with spectators. I think people will trend more towards summer looks over fall. The weather is typically still warm so I think that they will be able to get away with it. I’m sure most boutiques are hoping for this to help move inventory that didn’t sell in the spring due to the shutdown. Maybe instead of hats being the big accessory it may be masks this year to match your dresses/outfits. 
  Marilyn Monroe Cream Feather Fascinator Hat for Ascot
  • What colors do you think will be popular for the Fall?
Sasha’s Answer:
I’m seeing a lot of jewel tones so far for fall. Camo and animal print are everywhere again this year. I have several styles on order in cheetah/snakeskin/cow prints. There are also a few lines carrying some pastel prints in both tops and bottoms to mix and match. 

Men’s Hats Appearing in “Public Enemies”

Johnny Depp from "Public Enemies"

As a movie buff, I always enjoy a good summer movie. Especially movies set back in the 1930’s, featuring hats and fashion. Add Johnny Depp and Christian Bale to that mix and you have a winner.

I saw “Public Enemies” on the 4th of July and really enjoyed it. I’m not a big fan of “shoot ’em up” movies, but this one had other layers as well. Below is a photo of Christian Bale, who plays Melvin Purvis, an FBI agent whose job it is to hunt down Dillinger. John Dillinger is played of course by Johnny Depp, a fellow Kentuckian from Owensboro, Kentucky.

Christian Bale

In watching the movie, I found out that Dillinger had a girlfriend named Polly Hamilton. They had went to the movies together on the night he died. Here is a photo of the real Polly Hamilton in a hat.

Polly Hamilton

Over 75 men’s hats, mostly fedoras, were made for the movie. They were made by Graham Thompson, Chicago men’s hat-maker and owner of Optimo Hats. He had made hats prior to the film for Johnny Depp, who has certainly done his share to bring men’s hats back.

By: Polly Singer