Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue

The Pantone Color Institute has declared that their Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is “Classic Blue” (19-4052 PCX). This color is a soothing, deep blue with indigo tones. “Classic Blue” was selected as the Pantone Color of the Year because of its calming, confident, and reassuring nature. With the chaos and unpredictability going on in the world, Pantone wanted their Color of the Year to be calming. This motivates the idea of optimism in the coming year, which will expectantly project onto the rest of the decade! This “Classic Blue” is an elegant, yet fun, color that can be worn all year round. Furthermore, it is a very wearable color, as it is very flattering on many skin tones and hair colors. In the following blog post, many blue hat and fascinator selections from Polly Singer Couture Hats have been featured, along with outfit pairing ideas that can give fashion inspiration.

Neiman Marcus–Halston–Cap-Sleeve Asymmetric Flounce Skirt Dress 


Neiman Marcus–Kobi Halperin–Maggie Silk Wrap Dress 


Nordstrom–St. John Collection–Engineered Lace Jacquard Sweater Dress 


Neiman Marcus–Elie Tahari–Geraldine Short-Sleeve Dress 


Neiman Marcus–Shoshanna–Trinette Mosaic Lace Handkerchief Midi Dress


Neiman Marcus–Roland Mouret–Warren Asymmetric Stretch Viscose Midi Dress 


Neiman Marcus– Lafayette 148 New York–Whitby 3/4- Sleeve Classic Stretch Cotton Dress 


Neiman Marcus–Black Halo–Audra V-Neck Ruffle-Sleeve Sheath Dress 


Neiman Marcus–Shoshanna–Karr Trumpet-Sleeve A-Line Crepe Dress 


New Hats for 2012

Here are some of my new hats for 2012. This is the time of year that I love because I enjoy working with new designs. Any of the following hats or fascinators would be perfect to wear to the Kentucky Derby.


In designing for Spring, I try to think of what my clients wear and what would work nicely with their outfits.


Wildfire is bright and bold, which is a quality that many of my clients prefer. This saucer hat is easy to wear since it comes on a headband.


My yard is often filled with bluebirds. The feathers on this Bluebird are fun, light and whimsical. This fascinator’s bright colbalt blue color is flattering on most ladies.


Cameo is a nice hat because it has a flourish, yet it’s warm neutral colors work with so many outfits. I have seen this hat worn with dresses and pantsuits alike.


Emily is a simple hat, yet rich in possibilities. The hat has a shimmery look to it, the look of warm sunshine. It’s a new favorite color of mine.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of our new hats. To view more new hats, visit our website,

Will Hat Designs From The Royal Wedding Influence American Fashion?

What do you think?

I was interviewed about the hats at the Royal Wedding. No, these were not my favorites. As a friend said, it was very Tim Burton. Read below for more.

The Striking Zara Phillips at the Royal Wedding
The Lovely Mrs. Middleton

Silver Hats are the New “Black”

Last year was the first time I worked with silver hats. I sold a few, but they didn’t seem to really catch on until this year.

What is so nice about working with silver is that it is a great hat base color. It’s the hot new neutral. Colors play off it so well. Here is a sampling of hats I did using silver as a base, but tying in different colors in the trim. You can see how the silver base makes the other colors “pop”.


For Greatest Ease in Choosing A Hat, Pick a Solid Dress

Adrianna Papell

Many of my clients have been long-time Derby attendees. Over the years, they have tried different tricks. The latest seems to be picking a solid dress and then making the hat the focal piece. When you do that, it’s easy to work all sorts of colors into the hat. I’ve chosen some dresses that would work with most of our hats.

Calvin Klein at Nordstrom's

A number are picking a solid navy, black or cream dress. Prints are great fun and I love them. However it can be difficult to incorporate 3-4 colors from a printed dress into a hat. It can be done and I do it all the time. The only problem is that things get incredibly busy between now and May 1st, making sourcing different colors harder.

Eliza J Ruffle Neck from Nordstrom
If you are wearing a solid dress, the hat can incorporate all sorts of cool colors and features. With a solid dress, the hat becomes the focal point.

Taylor Dresses Ruffle Jacquard Sheath from Nordstrom
Lots of prints that I see this year have green and purple in them. Overall I am seeing more people wanting color (and bright ones) in their hat choices and outfits. I think everyone has been through a long winter and being visual people, we want bright colors and lots of it.

All of the dresses pictured above are available from For those of you who like to shop at all hours and/or don’t like dealing with shopping in person, this is a good site to choose from.

Hats For Derby Parties

Cafe Au Lait

Many of my clients purchase hats for their Derby parties. The first Derby party that I attended was in Oyster Bay, New York back in 1994.. It was a fun, casual event. These days, Derby parties have become dressy events. My niece Emmaline, hosts a Derby party every year. Emmie is 7 years old, so people from any age can host a party.

If you are having a Derby party, the most important element is to make it fun and memorable. It seems like there are all these articles on hosting the perfect party that people often forget that what is most important is to relax and enjoy the party. You can also have your own hat contest, where people vote for their favorite hat!

Sabrina's Hat
For more information and ideas on hosting your Derby party, please visit You’ll find ideas, menus and games. I love to give Derby beverage glasses as a favor. It’s a fun memory of the day and not terribly expensive ($1.50 each).

By: Polly Singer