A Gathering of Well Wishers

Polly with hostesses, Caroline and Jane
Polly with hostesses, Caroline and Jane

…laughter tinkled among the teacups.
Mr. Appolinax, T.S. Eliot

A cool September morning in a lovely rural locale was the setting for a tea in honor of Polly Singer. Longtime friends Caroline and Jane gathered a group of Polly’s intimates for a brunch to congratulate Polly on the recent inclusion of hats from her collection in two national magazines, Tea Time and Victoria

The delights of the table (as always, let’s talk about the food first) began with a champagne toast, proceeded to a brunch which consisted of two kinds of Jane’s quiche and Caroline’s Waldorf Salad and scones with creme fraiche and homemade jam. The occasion finished sweetly with tarts, tea and laughter.

The beautifully appointed Autumn table was further adorned by charming guests. The ladies present represented various vocations and avocations; among them, a woodworker, a vintage inspired dress designer , a couple of graphics artist and a bee keeper or two. Needless to say, the conversation was both varied and lively.

Invitations and place cards made by Jane and Caroline bore images of hats. Interestingly enough, though there was no mention of hats as a dress code requirement, most every guest wore one; and, as would be expected, several of the hats were Singer designs. Polly herself wore Blythe Spirit, a wide brimmed black hat banked with yellow silk flowers. One of the hostesses wore Audrey at Ascot. Though officially fall, it’s still quite warm in Kentucky; transitional hats, natural straw trimmed in darker colors, black, bottle green or plum for instance, were the overwhelming choice.

Hats featured in this month’s Victoria Magazine are from the Singer fall and winter collection. The hat created for Tea Time is a new design, Fall Romance. To see the layouts and learn more about Polly’s contribution, scroll down to Hat Chats entitled Hats Off to Victoria and A Hat for Tea Time. Both magazines are currently available on the stands.

We wish to thank Caroline and Jane for the kind tribute and delightful morning.

by Jan Masters Yon