Sustainability in the Hat World – Being A Good Corporate Citizen

Sustainability is the new buzzword.  Everywhere I turn, I read about sustainable practices in business, fashion, etc.   

I am proud to announce that Polly Singer Couture Hats has always used ethical practices in our business dealings.  Lessening the environment impact where we can has long been our goal.  In 2014, I decided to run for City Council in order to implement curbside recycling in my community.  Georgetown is the fastest growing city in the state of Kentucky, yet we do not have curbside recycling. Most recyclable materials such as glass, paper, metal, and plastic ends up in the landfill. Having lived in other communities such as New York City where recycling is practically a religion, this really bothered me.  Being an elected official is a sacrifice because you lose time with your family, it takes focus away from your business and quite often, you make people mad who don’t agree with you.  It’s no fun to have people turn their heads the other way when you walk by!  Curbside recycling is around the corner for Georgetown, so it will be worth it in the end.  I am in my third term on the Georgetown City Council. We run for re-election every two years.

Why did I go into that story? It is tell you that I practice what I preach and about my passion for environmental causes.  

Other ethical practices include:

  • Fabrics – We source local fabrics when at all possible.  This is done to help local businesses as well as lessen the impact of shipping and burning carbon fuels.
  • Wool felt – We have switched to using wool felt only for our new winter hats.  Wool is hard wearing and suitable for every day wear. It is made from sheep’s wool without harm to the animals.  Wool is a natural and biodegradable fiber.
  • Straw – We buy most of our straw from American companies.  Our panama straw, parisisal and sinamay are made by small producers paid living wages. 
  • Recyclable materials – Our hat boxes are made from paper and our ribbon from cotton.  Our flowers are made from natural fabrics.
  • Biodegradable – Everything on our hats breaks down naturally over time.  There is nothing synthetic used in the production of our hats.
  • Feathers – We use only feathers from game birds, water birds and do not use exotic feathers. 
  • Stock – We do not produce huge quantities of stock.  This is done in order to minimize waste.  We have been known to take apart hats that did not sell, re-trim them and give them second lives.  Nothing goes to a landfill.
  • Hat Boxes – Our hat boxes are custom made by a company in Massachusetts.  The boxes are recyclable, re-usable and biodegradable. 
  • Packaging – Our shipping boxes are made from recycled materials and we use brown packing paper instead of peanuts or plastic bubbles.  




Picking the perfect hat for Breeder’s Cup 2017

Breeder’s Cup

Believe it or not, I am always stumped on what to wear to the races.  When I attended Breeder’s Cup in 2010, I didn’t decide until the last minute.  Much that was due to Breeder’s Cup being at Churchill Downs and the weather was bitterly cold.  However, the 2017 Breeder’s Cup will be held in sunny Southern California on November 3 and 4, so that makes the choice much easier! 

The fascinator with the horses shoes is one I designed for Breeder’s Cup in 2010.  It was a challenge but probably one of coolest pieces that I have ever done! 

Breeders Cup

The biggest tip that I can give to a lady is to pick something elegant and classic to wear to the Breeder’s Cup.  This racing event is quite different from the other races, even the Kentucky Derby.  The atmosphere is very posh.  Remember that these are top race horses in the world who have already proved themselves in other races.  This is a stylish and sophisticated event, very different from the Kentucky Derby.   Breeder’s Cup hats and fascinators.


The official Breeder’s Cup color is purple.  Purple can be paired with greens, blues, dark rust oranges for a stunning finish.  And for some reason, purple really works with most hair colors.  In my opinion, Breeder’s Cup purple is an easy color to work with.

I have designed hats and fascinators featuring the racing colors for different stables.  Polly Singer Couture Hats is known as the expert for designing custom hats using all sorts of colors.  I haven’t been stumped yet.  Challenged but not stumped!

At one point in the late 1990’s, I almost moved to Del Mar, California.  It holds a very special place in my heart.  There is so much to see in San Diego.  I would encourage people to visit for the entire week.  I loved San Diego’s Old Town, Balboa Park, the Gaslamp District, Hotel Del Coronado, Encinatas, etc.  It just doesn’t end.

So enjoy your trip to the 2017 Breeder’s Cup Classic, either via your armchair or visiting the Del Mar Race Track. Visit Breeder’s Cup

When in doubt, give a Polly Singer Gift Card!


We all like to feel special.  And we are.  Each of us is one of a kind….so why not have a custom hat or fascinator made for you or someone you love?  Give a Polly Singer Gift Card that can be redeemed for a hat or fascinator. 

Polly Singer Gift Cards never expire.  The beauty of a Gift Card is that you can also let the recipient help design their own hat.  We work closely with each client to design the perfect hat or fascinator.  It’s a fun process and our clients end up with a custom work of art.

Our gift cards can be shipped in one of our stylish hat boxes, shown here.

Polly Singer Gift Cards can be done in any dollar amount. This also makes is perfectly easy for your husband or boyfriend to surprise you in a special way.

Call us at (859) 533-1426 or email

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2016 Fashion Trends and Kentucky Derby Hat Ideas

The Kentucky Derby is every woman’s chance to express her inner Southern belle.  A standout Kentucky Derby Hat is the crowning glory of a Southern Belle. The age-old question is “what comes first, the dress or the hat?”  They go together like hugs and kisses.  You generally don’t have one without the other, and there’s a good reason for that. The Kentucky Derby annual horse race’s website provides guidelines and gentle suggestions for women’s attire. You guessed it – hats are included!

For the 2016 Kentucky Derby, we pulled together some fashion suggestions based on current trends, and hats that look fabulous with them.  All dresses are available at


Michael Kors Poppy Print Sheath Dress
Michael Kors Poppy Print Sheath Dress


Red and black always mesh together well. Since they are such strong colors, I would avoid adding many other colors.  Red is strength, so be proud and work it! The “Ellie” fascinator hat looks fantastic with black, and adds a beautiful accent.

You can find this and all the hats below in our Kentucky Derby Hat section.


Herve Leger "Eliana"
Herve Leger “Eliana”


This Herve Leger “Eliana” is a very sexy dress.  I love the draping and the lines.   In fact, it is probably one of the best dresses I have seen in a very long time.  (Hide the credit card!)  Megan, a fashionable fascinator,  would be perfect, fun, and adds flirtatious flare to this gorgeous dress.


Etro Floral Print V Neck Dress
Etro Floral Print V Neck Dress
Holly 2016
Holly 2016






I love this Etro dress, and the bright colors, it is perfect for spring and summer.  With that said, it is a challenge to pick a hat for it.  In this case. go simple; our “Holly” which can be found in our Kentucky Derby section, is an ivory hat with black trim that would look fantastic with this dress.  The big bow is romantic and does not take away from the drama of this dress, but rather enhances it.


Armani Godet Wool Dress
Armani Godet Wool Dress


Next is a confession. I absolutely covet this Armani Godet dress.  It flows well, and has beautiful movement. It’s current with the trends while being classic.  This Armani dress would work with almost any hat or fascinator.  For this dress, I chose “Constance” since the floral pattern of Constance would work with the solid, and give the dress a bit of a kick. Do you love it?


Michael Kors Double Face Stretch Silk Fit and Flare Dress
Michael Kors Double Face Stretch Silk Fit and Flare Dress



I love the idea of this romantic Kentucky Derby hat with this gorgeous Michael Kors dress. It would be stunning at the Derby!  This style of dress is easy to coordinate a hat with, and honestly, almost any hat on my website would work.  This hat is “Karenna“.

I hope these ideas have helped, and given you some idea of how to match a hat with this year’s fashion trends, especially as we near one of my favorite events, and I will bet you can guess what that is.  Any questions, please contact me and we will help you pick out your special hat, or create a gorgeous custom hat exclusively for you.

But hurry! The Derby is just around the corner! 

Contact us now to design a beautiful Kentucky Derby Hat for you. 





Busy here on new hats!












This is always the time of year that I love, designing for the spring.   The hardest thing for me is not coming with new ideas, but having to edit my designs.  And of course, I love working with new colors.  I thought this chart was interesting in that it highlights the various feelings that color invokes.


Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color


I love working with color.  Anyone who has visited my house will tell that it is filled with color.  Each room has a distinct color, whether it is a warm creamy yellow, warm terra cotta to soft ameythst upstairs.  I always enjoy the psychology of color too.  My design room went to from a blue/gray to Sherwin Williams Youthful Coral.


Youthful Coral
Youthful Coral










I have so much more energy now.  Color is so important with our feelings.  Can’t wait to finish the new hats!


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A Look Back at the Fashion on Show at the Grand National 2015

The Grand National at Liverpool’s Aintree Racecourse is one of the greatest and most highly anticipated sporting events in Britain. It’s the biggest horse racing event in the world, garnering millions of viewers every year in the UK according to Oye! Times. The races are thrilling, but what truly makes the event a spectacle is the fashion statements showcased by the guests lucky enough to score tickets to the live action.

This year, Many Clouds won the race which was jockey Leighton Aspell’s second consecutive win as reported by Betfair, although eyes weren’t only on the horses during the proceedings. Many people photographed fashion-conscious women donning some of the boldest hats the event has ever seen. The race is always a good excuse to get dressed up, and for some, it’s the only opportunity they get to wear their bright, striking accessories each year.

During Ladies Day, women really brought their A-game and arrived in classy outfits topped off with their most impressionable head pieces, from retro glam hats to the more unconventional headwear. The hats were unique, with some being flirty and feminine, while others, quite daring.

Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable hats from the event.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of


A female race-goer opts for a complete rainbow getup as she accessorizes her colorful mesh-hemmed dress with mismatching shoes, gloves, a green clutch, blue scarf, and a rainbow mesh head-piece in the shape of a pompom.









Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of


A group of friends take a selfie to capture the different designs on their floral hats.









Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of


A woman stuns fellow race-goers with her brightly colored hat composed of real flowers, embellished with feathers and embroidered fabrics and materials.









Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of


Floral was definitely a recurring motif at the event as one of the ladies wore a hat that had a playful take on a bouquet of flowers.












Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of


Despite the popularity of flowers on women’s headgear at this year’s event, some guests believed feathers were the classier choice.


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Baca selengkapnya:
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