Custom Hats

We love creating custom hats for our clients!  Nothing we do is more creative or more rewarding than working with a client to put together a statement making design!  It’s a way to stand out in a crowd and you never have to worry about seeing someone else in your hat.

Polly sewing the wire into the brim.









What makes Polly’s custom hats different from custom hats from other milliners?

  • I really work with my clients to design a hat that is the perfect shape and style for them.  Choosing the right hat makes all the difference in the world.  If you want to feel like a million dollars, your hat needs to fit correctly, look amazing on you and fit with your personality.  You will get the royal treatment.  My clients are the reason we are in business.
  • I use the Singer Method, which is part fashion/part personality assessment to choose the right hat for you.  No more shooting in the dark trying to figure out what works.  If I don’t think a hat looks right on you, I will tell you.  You have to feel comfortable and beautiful in your hat to present the right image.  It’s so much more than quickly picking a hat. 
  • My clients feel beautiful and fabulous.  Imagine a famous celebrity stopping you and complimenting you on your hat.  Yes, this actually did happen to a custom client of mine when Aretha Franklin stopped her at the Kentucky Derby and complimented her!

Why do a custom hat?

  • Custom Hats are couture pieces created to complement the client’s ensemble or to meet certain design specifications. Many of our Kentucky Derby clients request this service as they don’t want to look like anyone else. This is also perfect for weddings.
  • A custom hat will fit you perfectly.  You will not need to worry about it flying off or being too tight. 
  • Sustainability.  One of my favorite things about my hats is that they can be re-trimmed later with different colors to work with other outfits.  I use natural materials and personally source all materials.  No cheap materials enter my domain!



  • Our Custom design fee is $100.00 per hour. 
  • Costs vary depending on the hat size, materials used, and trim.
  • We require a 50% nonrefundable deposit before starting any custom project.
  • We also ask that you allow ample time for the completion of your custom hat, especially during the Kentucky Derby season.  Normal custom times range from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the project.  Rush fees may apply if the hat is needed earlier.
  • Hats are not shipped until final payment. 
  • We ship via Fed Ex Ground. 
  • If you require overnight or two day delivery, Fed Ex charges over $100 to ship one of our hat boxes.


Here’s how it works

  • In an initial consultation, the client gives me color and style preferences.  I make recommendations, using Singer Method and my 28 years experience in assisting clients achieve their desire. 
  • If she has an outfit in mind she emails me a photograph or a link to a photograph of the dress. Clients have even sent me paint chips to show the color of an outfit.  
  • Sometimes I work from a belt or swatch of fabric from the garment.
  • I design the hat and then email up to three photos/styles for consideration.
  • When the final design is approved, the hat is then finished and delivered.
  • You will receive your hat in a gorgeous hat box. 
  • Prepare to feel gorgeous, turn more than a few heads and get treated like royalty in your custom Polly Singer hat.

The images below are examples of these steps.



Derby hat done to complement necklace.
Derby hat done to complement necklace.
Draft for Custom hat for Mardi Gras 2014.
Draft for Custom hat for Mardi Gras 2014.
Love these colors for this dress.
Love these colors for this dress.
Hat for Derby 2014 to match necklace.
Hat for Derby 2014 to match necklace.
Custom Elegant hat to match dress in 2014
Custom Elegant hat to match dress in 2014
Custom Hat to Match Dress
Custom Hat to Match Dress
Custom Hat to complement dress
Custom Hat to complement dress
A hat to match an invitation for a Derby party.
A hat to match an invitation for a Derby party.
Love the colors on this custom hat.
Love the colors on this custom hat.


Semi Custom Designs

  • Often we find that the perfect hat is a small revision away.
  • For instance, if a client likes an existing design but wants to change a detail (change the color, substitute a different trim or color of trim.) a customization fee, $50. – $100. may apply.


Choosing a Basic Style

  • Below are images of our three most popular styles, Elegant, Holly Go Lightly, and Eliza.
  • These images are in a neutral color and untrimmed to illustrate the lines and proportions one should consider in choosing the base of your hat.

How do I know that my hat will fit?

  • All hats are made to fit the customer, using exact head measurements to ensure the best fit possible. 
  • We make the hat to fit your head size. 
  • If we are given the wrong head size, the hat will not fit. 
  • Additional fees will be charged to alter hats if we are given incorrect head sizes as the hat has to be re-made. 


Return Policy

  • As hats are a fairly personal accessory, it is our policy that we never resell a hat, therefore we cannot return orders.
  • We do want you to be happy with your hat and will work with you on alterations to size or trim.


Contact Polly

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