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Autumn Red Wool FedoraAutumn Red Wool Fedora

Autumn Red Wool Fedora


Autumn is a red oversize fedora with a five inch brim. A black band with a gold bridal bit trim Autumn. The brim is flexible. Autumn can be worn with boots and jeans and can be dressed up as well.

This hat is part of our limited edition Fall collection and can be found nowhere else.

Casual hats do not ship with hat boxes included.

Bonnie Tan HatBonnie Tan Hat

Bonnie Taupe Wool Profile


Bonnie is a wool taupe profile hat from our Scottish Highlands line.  Trimmed with pale pink lace and a hand made flower, Bonnie is the perfect hat for your collection.

Campbell Navy Hat

Campbell Navy Scottish Horse bit Fedora


Campbell is a navy wool felt fedora from our Scottish Highlands line.  Wine and green accent the hat with a classic gold bridle bit finish Campbell.  Goes with most everything you have in your closet!


Matilda Brown Celtic Hat


Matilda is a multi color brown wool profile hat with a Scottish tartan ribbon trim.  Completed with a silver Celtic love knot charm for love and luck.  Matilda was named after Queen Matilda, a Scottish queen.

Light Tan Wool Hat With Upturned BrimLight Tan Wool Hat With Upturned Brim

Susan Taupe Profile Hat


Susan is a stunning taupe profile hat with a uniquely-shaped, upturned brim. Variations of wine magnolias adorn this lovely hat along with an ivory band. Susan is certainly a beauty!

Susan is inspired by the famous American social reformer and women’s rights activist, Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony was born February 15, 1820. She played a huge role in the women’s suffrage movement, and she was very active in the anti-slavery movement. She presented an amendment to Congress which later was ratified and is now known at the Nineteenth Amendment. This year makes 100 years since this was ratified. Susan B. Anthony is truly a champion for women of the United States!

Casual hats do not come with hat boxes.