Hat Gift Cards – The perfect Kentucky Derby Gift!


Over the years, gift cards have proven to be a wonderful way for get something for someone who you have no idea what else to get them!  I struggle to get gifts for people who have everything they could want. 

In buying gifts, I found those people who had everything most valued things that were special and one of a kind.  They loved getting hand crafted gifts whether it was something I made or something I purchased at an art fair.  Face it, we are bombarded these days with so much cheaply made items from overseas, that neither helps our economy or the environment. 

Polly Singer original hand made fascinator

I gave my first hat to my Mother as a Christmas gift in 1993.  It was a black velvet hat with a handmade red velvet rose.  The rose had white lace in the center.  It looked so pretty against her dark brown hair. 

A few years later, I gave my grandmother a lovely camel wool hand blocked cloche with an ivory satin band and hand made ivory rose with a vintage rose crystal button.  My grandmother Velma treasured that hat.  It was especially poignant since it was my grandmother who taught me how to sew!

Hepburn 2019