What is a Saucer Hat?

Kate Middleton in a Saucer Hat
Saucer hats have come to the forefront in millinery lately. Just what is a Saucer hat? Well, it is a hat that looks like a saucer or small plate. It’s about the size of a plate, rather flat in nature and almost always worn on the side on the side of the head. It gives the wearer a bit more height, which is always a good thing. They are rather dramatic in nature.

I first noticed saucer hats at Ascot a few years ago. Of course, they have recently made fashion headlines as the Duchess of Cambridge or as we call her simply “Kate” (Middleton) has been known to wear them.

Fascinators are smallish feather headpieces using a bit of tulle. Saucer hats are more of a hat base on which trim can be fixed. They are the bridge between a hat and fascinator. Many were seen at the Royal Wedding back in April. That day, we were bombarded with orders for them.

Zara Phillips at the Royal Wedding in a saucer hat
Wedding Guests from the Royal Wedding
I totally and utterly adore this saucer hat worn at Ascot.
Last week at Royal Ascot, we saw numerous saucer hats in attendance. What I like about the saucer hats is that they are light. The hair does not get weighed down by a hat and they have a fun/flirty aspect to them.

A striking saucer hat.

In our next blog, I’ll show you some of my new saucer hats. Until then, don your hat and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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